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Nicholas Chep


Nicholas Chep is the Founder & CEO of OnCall Health. Prior to starting OnCall in 2016, Nicholas worked at education technology company Top Hat, and marketing technology company Turnstyle (acquired by Yelp).

Shane George


Shane is the Vice President of Sales at OnCall Health. Shane is an experienced sales professional with an interest in revenue growth through a data-driven and scalable process. At OnCall Health, Shane has led strategic efforts to identify the best target verticals in the market, and implemented the Agile sales process to generate and forecast revenue. In his spare time, Shane enjoys making videos, playing basketball, and gaming.

Neil Gillman


Neil comes from a clinical background, as well as experience working on numerous digital health technologies, products and projects. His passion lies in exploring disruptive approaches to solving both simple and complex problems that impact people’s health and well-being. In his spare time, Neil loves travelling, hanging out with his wife and dog, the outdoors and picking up heavy things off the ground (and putting them back down again...repeatedly).

Arsham Faghihi


Arsham has spent his tech career build new products and managing software teams for ambitious startups. He strongly believes that good software development means maintainable, efficient, and well tested code, but most of all it means making products that improve the lives of users. It’s for that very reason that Arsham is thrilled to be working on making healthcare more accessible.

Tom Chen


Tom is a Software Developer at OnCall Health. He loves building software applications and learning new tools for development. He takes pride in his work here because he enjoys seeing how his work makes healthcare more accessible. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer/basketball and reading in the park, if weather permits.

Brent Hughson


Brent Hughson is a Software Developer at OnCall Health. With experience working in the medical space he recognizes the importance of accessibility and reliability. He is focused on creating intuitive tools to help maximize access to health services for everyone. In his spare time Brent enjoys gaming with friends and learning new things.

Luc Lopes


Luc is an Account Executive at OnCall Health. His primary focus is working with healthcare providers to streamline their workflow and grow their practice with virtual care tools. Luc believes that no two practices are the same, and therefore partners with his clients to find a custom virtual care solution that meets their needs and fits their budget. Outside of the office, Luc runs a small photography business and enjoys hiking and camping.

Ross Dixon


Ross Dixon is an Enterprise Account Executive at OnCall Health. With a background in FinTech, he has been involved with healthcare at an early age influenced by his family. Ross spends his time building new relationships with the wonderful clients of OnCall. When he is not in the office, Ross enjoys playing sports, watching sports, and thinking about sport related activities. Friends, family, road trips, dogs, traveling, beaches, gardening, and tacos fit in there too.

Crystal Vuong


Crystal is the Business Development Representative at OnCall Health. With a background in Psychology, she is passionate about accessibility, inclusion, and learning about what makes people tick. Born and raised in Vancouver, Crystal spends her days playing with her dog and two rabbits, preparing for the Toronto winter, and reading to keep her shelf busy.

Elysha Ames


Elysha has dedicated her career to being customers' trusted advisor. Elysha acts a strategic partner to OnCall Health's customers, ensuring their virtual health programs are adding value to their businesses. Elysha is from Vancouver with an MBA from UBC and absolutely loves skiing Whistler Blackcomb.

Alexandra Latter


Alexandra Latter is the Enterprise Account Manager at OnCall Health. She has experience in various fields from PR & communications to customer service and project management. Alex graduated from York University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Sexuality Studies and a concurrent certificate in Gender & Women’s Studies. Alex believes in setting context, transparency in process, and providing proactive service to her clients. Alex loves Amanda Palmer, Simon Sinek, brass house music, and strength training.

Ly Do


Ly is a Customer Success Associate at OnCall Health. Ly comes to work everyday excited to be part of a team that will help healthcare providers revolutionize the way they deliver their practices and make use of this new platform to its full potential. She believes that everyone should be treated equally and respectfully as a human first regardless of their background and circumstances. Outside of the office, you will probably find Ly hanging out with her friends around Queen West or working out in the gym. She’s outgoing and would probably say 'Yes' to almost everything you ask her.

Bryan Jok


Bryan Jok is the Growth and Marketing Manager for OnCall Health. He comes from a background in brand management and has a passion for accelerating the adoption of virtual care in the healthcare industry. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys the cottage, golfing, and a nice cold one with friends.

Helen Phan


Helen is a Product Manager at OnCall Health. With a background in health research, she is excited to be a part of a team that delivers the best virtual care software experience to healthcare providers around the globe. Outside of the OnCall office walls, Helen enjoys jazz shows, cooking and trekking far and wide for the perfect french fry.



Olive (AKA DJ Spicy Face, Sleepy Pup, Lil Pup) is OnCall Health’s KC Cavalier part-time office dog. Olive spends her days sleeping under desks, rummaging the garbage cans for spicy food, and trying really hard to distract everyone from working. The over-achiever that she is, Olive started work at the tender age of 5 months old and has held previous roles in Playing Tug of War, Melting Hearts, and Falling Asleep in Everyone’s Arms.



Lilly (AKA Lil, Lillard, Lillian) is OnCall Health’s Havanese part-time office pup. Lilly spends her days sleeping in the sunshine, rolling around on the couch, and barking incessantly at anyone who enters or leaves the office. A 5lb bow-legged fluff ball, Lilly’s impressive employment history includes roles Following Nick Around, Looking for Food on the Floor, and Being Resistant to Being Hugged.



Finley (aka FinFlam, Finfin, Lester) is OnCall Health’s Golden Doodle part-time office dog. Finley spends his days showing off his new clothes, sleeping in his new bed, and following his mom around. This mama’s boy recently moved from Vancouver and has never worked a day in his life, but he is looking forward to it.

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