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Nicholas Chepesiuk


Nicholas Chepesiuk is the CEO of OnCall Health. Nicholas loves to build innovative products and organizations, and is deeply interested in the execution of great ideas. Nicholas is dedicated to providing a fantastic working experience for his team, and a great experience on the OnCall Health platform for clients. In his spare time, Nicholas enjoys camping, golfing, and watching sports.

Shane George


Shane is the Vice President of Sales at OnCall Health. Shane is an experienced sales professional with an interest in revenue growth through a data-driven and scalable process. At OnCall Health, Shane has led strategic efforts to identify the best target verticals in the market, and implemented the Agile sales process to generate and forecast revenue. In his spare time, Shane enjoys making videos, playing basketball, and gaming.

Jade Samadi


Jade Samadi is an Account Director at OnCall Health. He spends his days working with practices of all sizes to implement virtual care and practice management solutions that enable clients to reach whatever goal they may be striving for. Driven by a passion for technology and expanding access to healthcare services across Canada, he takes pride in gaining a deep understanding of every practice he works with to better pair them with a solution. Outside of the office he enjoys cycling, telling jokes and managing his oral hygiene.

Neil Gillman


Neil comes from a clinical background, as well as experience working on numerous digital health technologies, products and projects. His passion lies in exploring disruptive approaches to solving both simple and complex problems that impact people’s health and well-being. In his spare time, Neil loves travelling, hanging out with his wife and dog, the outdoors and picking up heavy things off the ground (and putting them back down again...repeatedly).

Alexandra Latter


Alexandra Latter is the Enterprise Account Manager at OnCall Health. She has experience in various fields from PR & communications to customer service and project management. Alex graduated from York University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Sexuality Studies and a concurrent certificate in Gender & Women’s Studies. Alex believes in setting context, transparency in process, and providing proactive service to her clients. Alex loves Amanda Palmer, Simon Sinek, brass house music, and strength training.

Matt Evered


As an Account Director at OnCall Health, Matt is focused on working with healthcare providers to help them grow their practices with virtual care. Matt takes pride in helping providers manage their time more effectively so they can focus on what matters the most; providing the best possible care to their patients. With a background in technology and a passion for healthcare, Matt is excited to be a part of this growing industry. In his time outside of the office, Matt loves videography, cooking, and woodworking.

Tom Chen


Tom is a Software Developer at OnCall Health. He loves building software applications and learning new tools for development. He takes pride in his work here because he enjoys seeing how his work makes healthcare more accessible. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer/basketball and reading in the park, if weather permits.

Yaz Sinan


Yaz has spent his tech career build new products and managing software teams for ambitious startups. He strongly believes that good software development means maintainable, efficient, and well tested code, but most of all it means making products that improve the lives of users. It’s for that very reason that Yaz is thrilled to be working on making healthcare more accessible. In his spare time, he enjoys working on tech for fact checkers, history, and audiobooks, if weather permits.

Christine Kong


Christine Kong is a Software Developer at OnCall Health. She spends most of her days working on the mobile platform. She has experience in various fields from law to global health, and she takes pride in creative problem solving. A New York native, Christine enjoys writing, learning about new software, painting, golfing, picking up new sports, and exploring Toronto.

Brent Hughson


Brent Hughson is a Software Developer at OnCall Health. With experience working in the medical space he recognizes the importance of accessibility and reliability. He is focused on creating intuitive tools to help maximize access to health services for everyone. In his spare time Brent enjoys gaming with friends and learning new things.

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