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Mental Health

Lack of timely access to mental health care is a problem for 1 in 5 Americans. Modern mental health practices can help reach more people in need by offering secure online appointment options to new and existing clients. OnCall is a complete solution for your client engagement and distance counselling needs.

If your clients:

  • have a busy schedule due to work, travel, or child care
  • find regular office visits challenging due to illness, weather, distance, or inconvenience
  • need access to a session during irregular hours
  • prefer using personal devices to communicate

Distance counselling will benefit your practice.

eTherapy sessions are proven to be as effective as in-person sessions in non-crisis situations. eTherapy also provides additional benefits for clients such as increased confidentiality and convenience.

OnCall makes it easy for you to host video appointments that are compliant with US healthcare privacy laws and relevant college guidelines. For group practices and larger clinics, OnCall also has a number of features designed to help admin staff coordinate, stay organized, and save time on repetitive tasks.

“OnCall was so simple to use! Clients found signing up very seamless, which is a bonus when they are in distress. […] OnCall makes online counselling efficient and really limits the possibility of technical issues.”

Counsellor, Okanagan Clinical Counselling Services
Dr. Faith Kaplan, Kaplan & Levitt Psychologists

“OnCall’s ability to meet the needs of our patients, clinicians and administration has been most impressive. I frequently recommend OnCall to other Psychologists.”

Dr. Faith Kaplan, Kaplan & Levitt Psychologists

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